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Policies must be accepted prior to the class for any trial students and must be reaccepted as policies are updated.


Covid Consent Form

Policies must be signed prior to the class for all students.


Per our policy, we require written notice for any withdrawals. Written notice MUST be received by the 1st of the month you would like to withdrawal from.

Withdrawal Form


For COMPETITIVE TEAM ONLY. If your athlete will not be attending a meet, this form must be filled out and turned in at the front office.


FOR COMPETITIVE TEAM VISITORS ONLY. If you are a competitive gymnast visiting from another gym, you are welcome to attend practices with our team here at HITS. This form must be filled out to attend practices. Please send us an email prior to when you will be in Hawaii with the following information:
- Athlete's name, age, and level
- Parent name & phone number
- Your gym's name
- Dates of visit

Visitor Form

Meet Withdrawal Form

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