Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for classes?

We offer trial classes for all new students. Instructions on how to sign up for a trial can be found here. After the trial class, the coach will talk with you to let you know if that level is a good fit for your child. You may then sign up after the class. All classes are paid monthly, but we are able to prorate if you sign up in the middle of a month.

What do I do if my child misses a class?

Due to COVID limitations on class sizes, we are unable to accomdate make-ups.

We are going on a long vacation, what do I do?

You have 2 different options for long vacations: Option 1: The first option is to disenroll for the time that you will be gone. You can do this by stopping by the front desk and filling out our withdrawal form, or you may send us a message here. Please notify us BEFORE the 1st of the month to avoid any charges. Please give us a call a week before you plan to re-enroll your child. Please note that by going with this option, you will lose your spot in the class so it is not guaranteed that you will be able to re-enroll in the same class day/time. Option 2: If you wish to hold your spot in the class while you are gone, payment will need to be made for the month.

We are no longer able to make the time we signed up for, but my child still wants to be in class, are we able to switch our class time?

Yes. You are able to transfer to a different day/time. To do this, you may stop by the front desk, give us a call, or request to transfer to a different class online. If possible, we ask that you stay in the new class day/time for at least 4 weeks before switching again.

How does my child move up to the next level?

For our preschool classes (Parent & Tot & Preschool) they move up as they age out of the class. For our Beginners through Advanced levels, they will move up based on their evaluations. Please click here for more information regarding evaluations. Our tumbling classes do not do evaluations.

What can I do if my child has been in the same level for a while?

It is not uncommon for students to remain in the same level for a few sessions. If you feel that your child needs to spend a little more time working on their skills, you may sign them up for an additional class during the week. We offer a discounted price per class when you take multiple classes a week.

How do I cancel my child(ren)'s class(es)?

A written notice of withdrawal must be received BY THE FIRST OF THE MONTH. A withdrawal form is available at the front office for your convenience. If you are not able to stop by and fill out the form, please click here to send us your withdrawal notice. In the message, please indicate: 1. Child(ren)'s name(s) 2. Reason for disenrollment 3. Effective date