Recreational Gymnastics

Hawaiian Island Twisters offers a variety of classes for children ages 18 months through 18 years. Scroll down for more information about our classes or click on the link below to sign up for a free trial class.


Full Class Schedule


Tuition Rates

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Class Level

Students in our preschool classes will be promoted based on age and coaches' recommendation on a quarterly basis.


Students from Girls' levels Beginners I through Advanced I and Boys' levels Beginners through Advanced II are tested on a quarterly basis.  When requirements for the following level are met, they will be promoted to a new class. The level progressions are shown in the chart below. More information regarding testing can be found here.

Students in our tumbling classes are not tested. If students start in the Tumbling (5-7) level, they will move up to the Tumbling (8-12) class once they turn 8 years old. Once a student turns 13, they will move up to the Tumbling (13+) class.


Testing Information

How does it work?

Each quarter HITS conducts an evaluation (testing) period for students in our Girls' Beginners I through Advanced I and Boys' Beginners through Advanced II levels. The evaluations will be held over the course of a two-week period in regularly scheduled classes. After testing, the students will receive a certificate that states whether the coach recommends they move up to the next level or remain in their current level.