Travel Policy


Prior to returning to HITS, you must notify Hawaiian Island Twisters via email ( of your recent travel and the date of return to the island.  You will also need to submit (email) a pdf version of your athlete's NEGATIVE COVID-19 result from your pre-travel testing.  If your athlete and all those traveling with your athlete received a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test result (from any of the Hawaii State approved testing centers within the 72-hour window from the departure of your last leg of travel back to Hawaii), your athlete will be allowed to return to the gym. 


You will also be required to closely monitor your athlete and all those that traveled with your athlete for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days after your arrival.  If your athlete or anyone that traveled with your athlete starts to develop any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you are required to notify your health care provider immediately to seek the necessary next steps.  Please then notify us so that the necessary notifications can be made to anyone that may have been in close contact with your athlete during the 2 days prior to the onset of the symptoms.


It is required that you inform us if anyone traveling with the athlete had a POSITIVE COVID-19 test result.  In this scenario, the athlete should not return to the gym until the necessary close contact quarantine period has been completed and he/she has been deemed cleared by the HDOH or health care provider.  

Mask Mandate


Enforcement of wearing a mask during classes will be in effect until otherwise directed by our state and federal authorities.  

Enter/Exit Procedure

EFFECTIVE: January 2, 2021

COVID-19 Consent Form

Must be signed and turned in prior to your child's first class

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