HITS prides itself on its quality coaching. Our standards are high for those we choose to work with your gymnast.  All our staff members are committed to providing a fun experience enjoying the love of fitness through the sport of gymnastics.  Each coach has been trained to provide quality, progressive gymnastics in a safe, fun, and energetic environment.
Joe Rapp: Founder and Executive Director of HITS
HITS Recreational Coaches

Alyssa Lentz

Anthony Gonzalez

Clara Buchanan

Ela Mulligan-Cotner

Ezekiel Domingo

Hannah Domingo

Jaelyn Domingo

Jessie Miyasato

Joe Giglio

Kody Dominguez

Kourtney Agustin

Lauren Lauro

Nicholas Bongcaron

Olivia Cartwright

Ravenna Bala

Rebecca Tomlinson

River Feuling

Tiara Takahashi

Tyler Tsukamoto

HITS Floor Managers

Erin Pakele, Gym Manager

Daisha Paulino, Floor Manager

Jayden Paulino, Floor Manager

HITS Team Coaches


Lori Yee, Head Compulsory Coach

Jessie Miyasato, Compulsory Coach

Tracie Tamashiro, Compulsory Coach

Hannah Domingo, Compulsory Coach


Joe Rapp, Head Optional Coach

Joel Shugart, Assistant Optional Girls Team Coach

Tracie Tamashiro, Assistant Optional Girls Team Coach


Joe Rapp, Boys Head Optional Coach

Kody Dominguez, Boys Optional Team Coach

Ezekiel Domingo, Boys Compulsory/Optional Team Coach

Rebecca Tomlinson, Boys Compulsory Team Coach

HITS Office Staff

Kylie-Reiya Pakele, Office Manager

Autumn Maginot, Office Assistant

Kayla-Ann Pakele, Check-In

Emma Rosales, Check-In

Megan Baldemor, Check-In