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Team Camp General Info
1. Please be sure your athletes get plenty of sleep the night before. 
2. Pack a lunch/snacks/water bottle for your athlete...they will have a 30 minute break midway through camp.
3. You are welcome to watch from our bleachers...if you are taking pics, please remember that for the safety of our athletes, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!
4. This years camp staff:
                    Joe Rapp
                    George Hery
                    Frank & Johnna Kudlac
                    Mik Nelke
                    Wally Meierarend
                    Pete Doyle
                    Cliff Parks
                    George K
                    Linda Smith
BOYS CAMP: York Parris
                   Wally Meierarend
                   Frank Kudlac
                   Pete Doyle


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